Corrugated cardboard

RENOVPACK embodies two trades, the first one is an assembly station for agricultural cardboard boxes, the second one is the manufacture of industrial lines.

Corrugated cardboard Morocco

Assembly of 100% automated cardboard boxes

Morocco has become a major actor in the export of agricultural products, which has urged local producers to move towards automation of their activities, in particular investing in modern packaging stations.

In order to meet such an increasing demand of the moroccan agricultural sector, RENOVPACK offers its cardboard boxes assembly services thanks to 100 % automated agricultural boxes machines that can reach up to 1400 pieces/hour.


The RENOVPACK unit is equipped with automatic machines for assembling agricultural cardboard boxes together with a technical and commercial structure in order to import, assemble and also supply our customers, mainly those located in the region of Agadir, from our production site of Aït Melloul.

Our role is to provide warehousing and assembly service of cardboard arriving flat and at the same time to ensure efficient production and delivery logistics for the packaging sites exporting the region’s fruits and vegetables.

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