Expertise in various fields of the industry

Professionalism and competence are always at the heart of everything we undertake and thus influence the values of our company.
About Renovpack

Acquiring an important position as OEM Machine.

Since its creation in 2008, RenovPack has been a company specialized in the manufacture of machinery and industrial equipment, the representation and distribution of various components related to the industry field.

Manufacturers need competent partners for their automation needs. Partners who work effectively, efficiently, precisely and creatively. But above all, experienced and reliable partners.

About us
Our offer

Exclusive RenovPack services at affordable prices

Innovations - Preserving our future

We enable the development of technological innovations and enhance your competitiveness.

Renovpack quality

For more than 25 years, our solutions have been developed and produced in Morocco in accordance with CE standards. This guarantees high quality, reliability and precision, as well as a long life span.

Maximum security

We pay special attention to the safety of users and exploitation. Our products are secure, reliable and guarantee high system availability.

High level of availability

The high quality and reliability of our systems guarantee a high level of availability. By providing optimal maintenance, you reduce the risk of an unexpected shutdown of the system.

Local assistance

To our customers, we provide full service in their own language. Proximity to the customer and mutual understanding make it much easier for us to work together from planning and commissioning to maintenance and optimization of the installation.


Our training courses are tallored to the specific requirements of each customer. Thanks to the standardized user interfaces of our products, only one training session is needed to acquire the necessary knowledge to use new devices.

Solution partner

We are pleased to have many reliable partners.

Our locations

For any given Company, the right choice of its location can quickly prove to be decisive for its activity. In fact, a good implementation allows better interaction not only with its customers but also with its employees as well.


162, Route Ouled Ziane, 20500 Casablanca - MAROC
Tél. : +212 5 22 85 26 00/01 - Fax : +212 5 22 85 26 11


Km1, Route de Taroudant, Bd Mohammed V, Aït Melloul Agadir - MAROC
Tél. : +212 5 28 24 56 99/88 - Fax : +212 5 28 24 56 80


Lot 89, Ecoparc Berrechid, Parc industriel CFCIM, Berrechid - MAROC
Tél. : +212 5 22 85 26 00/01 - Fax : +212 5 22 85 26 11