P-E Labellers Italian company specialized in all kinds of labeling.

Labeling in Morocco

A wide range of products to meet all types of needs

The state-of-the-art technology and modularity of the adhesive linear labellers ensure outstanding application accuracy, even when sudden changes in production speed occur, so that they can be easily adapted to the different application needs.

The non-stop adhesive labels application system consists of 2 labelling stations for each type of label (front, back, etc.) equipped with station retraction sliders for easier and faster reel change. This system allows you to switch from the workstation to the standby station without slowing down the speed. Such an operation allows continuous application of labels without production interruptions. The switch between the two groups occurs in case of group alarm or breakage of the reel or else in case of lack of labels on the reel.


P.E. Labellers, an Italian company specializing in all types of labeling, offers all kinds of labellers. Not only automatic rotary and linear labeling machines for application and speed (from 6000 to 80000 bph) but also small semi-automatic labeliers and a wide range of ideal products to meet any demand.

P.E. LABELLERS offers labeling machines that integrate all the current systems available on the market, namely :

  • Cold glue labellers
  • Self-adhesive labeling machines
  • Hot glue labellers with pre-cut labels
  • Hot glue labellers for reel labels (roll-fed)
  • Reel labellers for pre-adhesive linerless labels (roll-fed)
  • 100% modular combined labellers
  • Sleeve label applicators
  • Wraparound label
  • Partial labels
  • Tax band
  • Up and down
  • Printing and depositing
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