End-of-Line Packaging Automation

We plan, we build, we program, we install your automation.

End-of-Line Packaging Morocco

Do you need to automate your processes?

To meet every need, we integrate and create personalized solutions relevant to the automation of end-of-line plant automation in Morocco.


Renovpack offers automated end-of-line systems for multiple products and needs. To improve research, we have categorized some of the sectors where we are firmly positioned.


Complete range of solutions in order to depalletize automatically any typology of contents : From the pallet to the production line…


Complete automation for a safe packing of your products inside boxes or crates. Full range of carton formers and sealers…


Complete range of palletizers for every solution. Stratification machines with fixed or mobile pallets, palletisers with anthropomorphic robots or rotating columns, cartesian gates, etc.

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