Cardboard packaging

RENOVPACK designs and manufactures automatic cardboard packaging machines, which form, close and glue cardboard boxes automatically.

Cardboard packaging Morocco

In automatic and semi-automatic version

Packaging is essential for any business, regardless of the sector of activity. In addition to enhancing your products, it protects them from shocks, cold, heat and humidity. Moreover, it is also a guarantee of safety for consumers and beneficiaries. Since packaging can be a significant investment for any company, it remains an industrial issue. Therefore, the best solution for long-term profitability and reduced packaging costs is to purchase professional packaging machines. The packaging is made not only according to the nature of your products, but also to be suitable for storage, transport and warehousing.

You can discover the main cardboard packaging manufacturing machines in Morocco and some tips on how to choose them.


RENOVPACK designs and manufactures automatic cardboard packaging machines in Morocco which automatically twist, close and glue cardboard boxes. Cardboard formers are packaging machines for forming and gluing american-made cardboard boxes.

The range of products can be adapted to different cardboard formats, outputs and products. It is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. Moreover, these cardboard forming machines allow high production rate and operational performance especially due to their gluing system.

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